NPB Newsletter: Japan Series Games 3 & 4 & More

Once again, the NPB season ended with a sweep in the finals, which was followed by loads of baseball commentators discussing what makes the Pacific League superior to the Central. Popular YouTubers Yu Darvish (Cubs), Alex Ramirez (ex-Baystars) and Tomoya … Continued

Beyond Baseball: teamLab Borderless

By Carter Cromwell teamLab is an interdisciplinary group of artists formed in Tokyo in 2001. But the disciplines of group members are not traditional ones like painting, sculpting, or photography. Members are called “Ultra-technologists” because the troupe is composed of … Continued

Beyond Baseball: Ameyoko Market

By Carter Cromwell One of the advantages of taking a trip with JapanBall is that the schedule allows plenty of time for non-baseball activities of your choice, either on your own or with others. Something to consider while in Tokyo … Continued

A Baseball Love Letter

In May 2020, Alex Weaver founded a website and Instagram account (@baseballletters) called “Baseball Letters.” Alex’s intention was to show how “Baseball is personal, it’s poetry, it’s art, and it’s thinking.” He encouraged his audience to share their favorite baseball … Continued