How to Watch NPB from Overseas

By Trevor Raichura Several times a year we get asked a question that should have a readily-available answer: “Where/How can I watch NPB from overseas?” Here are your best options, in no particular order of accessibility or cost. Pacific League … Continued

Newsletter: Weekly NPB Wrapup

The NPB season has reached the quarter-mark, and it’s time to quickly look at the week that was, plus the current standings. The last-place Orix Buffaloes spend their week up in Sendai to face the top-ranked Rakuten Eagles, and did … Continued

Sandy Alderson talks International Baseball, Analytics on “Chatter Up!”

Sandy Alderson, the former General Manager of the Oakland Athletics and New York Mets, has never been one to back down from a challenge. Whether it was trying to rearrange Major League Baseball’s structure in the Dominican Republic, bringing the Mets back to respectability after the Madoff financial scandal, becoming the Oakland GM with no prior baseball experience, or putting together the Gold Medal U.S.A. baseball team at the 2000 Olympics, Alderson has said that he’ll “do anything once,” including the tough positions that others might back down from. So it was no surprise that he took on the worthy task of answering questions on JapanBall’s “Chatter Up!”

Katsutoshi Miwata: a Story of Scouting, Success, and Death

Several books, articles and even television spots have been made about Ichiro’s life and success, but the scout that found and developed him into a superstar usually only gets two facts mentioned about him:

His name was Katsutoshi Miwata, and seven years after finding Ichiro, he killed himself after failing to sign Orix’s top draft pick.