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An Essential Piece of Your Japan Experience

A most important destination to visit in Tokyo is the JapanBall Hall of Fame…and Cafe.

The HOF was created in 2005, when Connie Van Putten, a member of our tour group asked, “Could you help me see the rest of the stadiums after the main tour?”

We had never been asked that, and we figured that anyone going on to visit all the ballparks certainly belonged in the JapanBall Hall of Fame, if we’d actually had such a thing. We immediately formed an Induction Committee to set forth criteria for admission and the HOF was born.

There are two ways to be inducted in the JapanBall Hall of Fame. Tour members can either visit all 12 team parks in the course of one visit or complete the main tour three times over any number of years. Inductees are immortalized with a plaque to commemorate the honor.

The Hall is located in Cafe Noodle Roje, a small neighborhood restaurant located just blocks away from the Tokyo dome. While searching for a home to our HOF, we sought place that would be welcoming to foreign baseball fans, provide a personal feel for the country, and serve food that’s varied and easy to take.

With Cafe Noodle Roje, we found the perfect spot.

Owned and operated by Jun and Koko, the cafe is open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner until 10pm, and Saturday for lunch. If you’re in Tokyo and don’t find your way there, you’ll have missed an essential piece of your Japan experience. Seriously.