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Baseball Bucket List is the place to track your ballparks, check off once in a lifetime experiences, and plan your next baseball adventure. They have a fantastic podcast too!


Run by JapanBall NPB Correspondent Trevor Raichura, “H-TEN” aims to remove the language barrier that once prevented you from becoming the hardcore Hanshin Tigers fan you wanted to be!


A baseball documentary from award-winning filmmaker Yuriko Gamo Romer. Using the legacy of Masanori “Mashi” Murakami - the first Japanese Major Leaguer - Diamond Diplomacy follows the push and pull of U.S.-Japan relations played out on the baseball field.

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Rob Fitts is the author of 6+ fascinating books on Japanese baseball. Whether you are new to the Japanese game or a longtime fan, you will certainly be entertained and educated by his work.

Yakyu Cosmpolitan logo

The Yakyu Cosmopolitan YouTube channel was founded by Yuri Karasawa in February 2021 to spread Japanese baseball news, history, and analysis to an English-speaking audience. It has weekly uploads to keep you up to date with NPB action!


Legendary Dodgers General Manager Buzzie Bavasi raised quite the baseball family – including JapanBall founder Bob Bavasi – and they are at your service!

Nisei Baseball Research Project nbrp_logo

The Nisei Baseball Research Project (NBRP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded by Kerry Yo Nakagawa to preserve the history of Japanese American Baseball.


Baseball Jobs Overseas provides a dependable, specialized service for aspiring and established professional baseball and softball players and coaches looking to take their career overseas. Their goal is to make a major impact in the growth of both baseball and softball on a global scale, thus doing their part in advancing the game we all so dearly love.


JapanCulture•NYC, founded by JapanBall HOFer Susan McCormac, is the leading English-language resource for Japanese culture in New York City, highlighting the people, activities, food, and art of New York’s Japanese and Japanese American community.

World Baseball Project - Logo Concept - 22 April 2021

World Baseball Project is a social enterprise focused on preserving and promoting equitable, ethical, and sustainable baseball development by fostering connections between baseball communities. It is rooted in the belief that baseball has the inherent power to catalyze positive social and individual transformation through community and mutual respect.


Legendary baseball bat maker Takaomi Yanase’s expertise in the craft and his relationships developed with wood suppliers over the past 40+ years combine to make the highest quality bats. Each of his bat making machines are proprietary to his process and custom-made in Japan. There is no other bat company in the world with the customization, expertise, and quality of Yanase.


An independent illustrator based in sunny Waikīkī, Solario draws inspiration from the tropical locale and the timeless charm of mid-century modern design. In addition to showcasing the architectural legacy of Hawaiʻi, his illustrations also celebrate the cultural, natural, and historical aspects of life in the islands. Through his work, he hopes to transport you to island life of yesteryear with warm tropical vibes and feelings of endless sunshine.

Sean Kane creates one-of-a-kind baseball artworks celebrating the game's greats using classic baseball gloves as his canvas. His detailed paintings spark memories for fans and collectors across the baseball spectrum.