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Customer Reviews

"Your idea to combine baseball and travel in Japan is more than just a tourist adventure. You provide travelers an insight that they simply couldn’t otherwise get without your expertise and enthusiasm."
Chicago, IL
"We had thought of it as a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but now we want to go back and do it again. Maybe one of these years. Thanks for a fabulous tour!"
Loreen and Bryan
Hayward, CA
"The baseball…the unique culture…Hiroshima…the good group of fellow travelers. You were right, your tour attracts nice people. Great trip! I really enjoyed it."
Boston, MA
"I live in Japan. I loved the trip. It was fabulous. You took all the hassle and stress out of doing such a thing. Even after living here for a number of years, this sort of tour is not something I’d do on my own. Many thanks."
Fussa City, West Tokyo
"Just a note to let you know that we made it home in one piece. Well, actually, more than one piece since we both took a large bit of Japan home with us in our hearts."
Tom and Maria
Ossining, NY
"We knew the trip would be interesting, but we NEVER expected to meet such a terrific group of people from all parts of the country. Yes, it was a tour group. However, your low-key and relaxed approach to travel and accommodations made the experience so much more personal to each one of us."
Molly and Patty
Nashville, TN
"It is already a month since the trip and am still sky high. Thanks for the great trip!"
Pleasanton, CA
"Can’t thank you enough for a great trip. What you do is truly remarkable. I had a blast. Spent my extra days after the trip walking about Tokyo and really seeing a lot since by doing the tour with you first I learned how to get around. It’s a trip I’ll never forget."
Lexington, VA
"Great time. I met terrific people as both tour guests and the Japanese we met along the way. And the baseball was a hoot."
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The trip to Japan far exceeded my expectations. Your efforts to plan and execute the logistics of everything we did was flawless. Where do I begin to thank you? I feel as though you gave me a gift. You opened a door and helped me experience a place and people in a way that I might not otherwise had the opportunity to do without you."
Southampton, MA
"I have worked and attended thousands of sporting events over the past four decades in the United States, England, and Ireland, but none of that compared to my first professional baseball game in Japan. It was an incredible and unique experience. The players were just as talented as their counterparts in the USA and the fans just as passionate. I felt it an honor to be at the game. The service from JapanBall was impeccable. I hope to return again in the future."
Glendale, CA

We are lucky that many JapanBall guests have shared their photos, videos, and reflective pieces with us. Check out the items below for a deeper dive, from a guest’s perspective.