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Irish American Baseball Society

The Irish American Baseball Society is a tremendous organization that believes in the global and unifying aspects of baseball. Whether or not you’re Irish, you’ll love their podcast! Host Rick Becker interviewed JapanBall president Shane Barclay for four episodes:

  • Part 1: What makes Japanese baseball unique, how Shohei Ohtani marches to the beat of his own drum, and the essential NPB ballparks (Apple, Spotify, stream).
  • Part 2: The World Baseball Classic, Chinese baseball, and Shane’s “Chirish” (Chinese + Irish) heritage (Apple, Spotify, stream).
  • Part 3: NPB players coming to MLB, getting pumped for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (Apple, Spotify, stream).
  • Part 4: Team Ireland in the World Baseball Classic? The advantage that Team Isreal and Italy have (Apple, Spotify, stream).

All episodes are available on your favorite podcasting platform in addition to the links provided above. More info on the IABS website.


The Baseball Bucket List podcast is the premier baseball travel podcast. Each episode, host Anna DiTomasso interviews a different ambitious and passionate baseball fan to talk to them about their favorite baseball stories and what remains on their “baseball bucket list.” Anna and JapanBall’s Shane Barclay discussed his personal and professional baseball origins and our first-ever tour Dominican Republic tour. Listen to the episode here (includes links to various podcast platforms)

The Greatest Show on Dirt podcast is a rollicking baseball nostalgia trip. Host Quentin McCree traffics heavy in the glorious MLB days of old, when he was living like the The Sandlot gang. Quentin spoke with JapanBall’s Shane Barclay about the Japanese approach to baseball, “sweetheart” Shohei Ohtani, and why attending a sporting event is the best way to experience a new culture. Stream on the site or listen on AppleSpotifyStitcher, or Google.

San Francisco Giants superfans Garret Gonzales and Brad Evans have so much fun on the Thompson2Clark podcast! They had Shane Barclay on to talk about his formative baseball years, lifelong Giants fandom (including a lonely World Series win), whether Seiya Suzuki is a good fit for the Giants, and Japanese ballpark food and drink. Available on your preferred podcast outlet, including Apple, Spotify, and TuneIn.

After being stationed in Japan and Italy with the U.S. Navy, Dan Charest has learned of the allure in experience global sports culture (something that JapanBallers know well!). The Travel for Sports Podcast host reminisced with JapanBall’s Shane Barclay about his favorite things about Japan, including the must-see things in each NPB city. Listen on AppleSpotifyStitcher, and Google.

Are you a fan of the science and human performance aspects of sports? Then Bats Left Throws Right is the podcast for you. Although things didn’t get too technical when Shane Barclay joined the pod, the guys from BLTR did explain how star Japanese players often have ambidextrous abilities. Listen on Apple or Spotify and check out this article on Japanese ballpark food!

1992 NPB Central League MVP, longtime major leaguer, and current professional coach Jack Howell hosted Shane Barclay on his Control the Zone with “Cactus” Jack Howell podcast to talk about JapanBall’s approach to guided tours and why a sporting event is the best way to experience a new culture. Listen here.

The Caught Looking Podcast is hosted by Johnny and Danny Tancredi, two Mets-loving, baseball-collecting brothers from Long Island. They spoke with JapanBall’s Shane Barclay about the path that led Shane to JapanBall, the Japanese baseball experience, NPB souvenirs and merch, the World Baseball Classic, autograph collecting autographs, and why July 2 is like Christmas in the Dominican Republic (available on Spotify or Apple).

Host Mark Lawson of the Game Day Tourist podcast featured JapanBall owner Shane Barclay on two episodes. The first is about the global baseball landscape, including pro leagues in Asia and Latin America, the World Baseball Classic, and European baseball. In the second, they discuss the sports scene of Shane’s native San Francisco Bay Area. Game Day Tourist is on Apple (episode 1 and 2) and Spotify (episode 1 and 2).

Jimmy Fawcett is a Brit who adores the game from afar and is an integral part of the British baseball fan community. On his Strike Out UK podcast, Jimmy spoke with JapanBall owner Shane Barclay about Shane’s background working for MLB, Japanese baseball, the World Baseball Classic, and more. Listen on Spotify, Google, or Radio Public.

Baseball PhD strives “to create an environment where people who seek to get a PhD in life and love baseball can share their experience, knowledge and passion.” Founder Edward Kasputis interviewed JapanBall’s Shane Barclay as part of Baseball PhD’s preview of the 2019 MLB Opening Series in Tokyo between the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners.


The Eagle Tribune of Andover, Massachusetts is a go-to source for New England sports news. Journalist Mac Cerullo profiled former Hiroshima Carp superstar outfielder Seiya Suzuki in anticipation of him potentially signing with the Boston Red Sox. To get a feel for what to expect from Suzuki, Cerullo interviewed JapanBall’s Shane Barclay. Read the article here: The Japanese Mookie Betts? Seiya Suzuki could be MLB’s next big star.

It hasn’t taken long for Japan Forward to become a leader in English-language Japanese news coverage, and with the hiring of Ed Odeven as their sports editor, they are filling a niche that so many English-speakers want – coverage of Japanese sports news! Ed interviewed JapanBall President Shane Barclay about how Shane’s MLB experience helped him prepare for JapanBall, the highlights of JapanBall’s “Chatter Up!” Zoom series, JapanBall’s plans for the future, and much more! Read the full interview.

Baseball Jobs Overseas offers a service that is not too different than JapanBall’s tours – they help facilitate cultural exchange, adventure, and global friendships through a shared love of baseball. Author Carter Cromwell explored explored the cultural differences in the international game by talking to a few former NPB import players and JapanBall’s Shane Barclay.

Preeminent Japanese news outlet Japan Forward used our “Chatter Up!” Zoom video call with Bobby Valentine to show why he is one of the great ambassadors of the Japanese game. “Bobby V” was as expected – enthusiastic, insightful, generous, and full of entertaining stories! Read the article.

Los Angeles Times author Gregory Leporati “cured his baseball blues” with the help of JapanBall. Read how “A Baseball Trip Through Japan is Just What a Jaded MLB Fan Needed.”
Los Angeles Times
DTK Men Magazine featured JapanBall in naming a Japanese baseball trip as their top travel recommendation for “The Sports Fan” in their Summer 2019 issue.

The Week magazine featured JapanBall as “This week’s dream” in the Travel section of their May 31/June 7, 2019 issue. Read the article here.

The San Jose Mercury News – “The Newspaper of Silicon Valley” – featured JapanBall in the March 22, 2020 “Eat Drink Play” section. The piece focused on our our first-ever baseball tour to the Dominican Republic in early 2020.


The Beer Baseball Blog is “Keeping baseball history alive, one craft beer at a time.” It’s always a blast to spend time with hosts Michael Mondragon and Kevin Lyon. Their enthusiasm for the camaraderie that baseball provides makes them our type of people! Shane Barclay joined the pod twice – once for their “Hoppy Hour” and another time with Baseball Bucket List’s Anna DiTommaso (video to left). 

The mission of Gaijin T.V. is “to get viewers to come on over and enjoy all that Japan has to offer” – something we sure can relate to! Host Michael Phelps invited JapanBall’s Shane Barclay to sit in for an episode to talk about our tours and what makes Japan and Japanese baseball so special.

SportsBrand Media Group assigned Tokyo correspondent Christian Storms to do a piece about Japanese baseball that featured us. It was shown on television in Australia, Europe, and the United States.

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