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ZOZO Marine Stadium

Home the Chiba Lotte Marines

Photo: Russel Tiffin (IG: @npb.stadiums.tour)

Photo: Russel Tiffin (IG: @npb.stadiums.tour)

Also Known As: Chiba Marine Stadium

Opened in: 1990

Stadium Capacity: 30,118

Dimensions: LF & RF: 99.5 m (327 ft) / CF: 122 m (400 ft)

Description: In part due to its relatively remote location (on the east side of Tokyo Bay), ZOZO Marine Stadium is the smallest (by capacity) and least-attended ballpark in NPB. Also, games played there often start a half-hour later than games at other parks in order to give fans time to get there from Tokyo. Games in Chiba are characterized by strong and often chilly winds that sometimes lead to unpredictable fielding. There was even a Japan Series game called because of fog in 2005!

It was once one of the least hitter-friendly parks in Japan, but they added a home run porch in 2018, which has increased the number of long balls significantly. Despite smaller-than-average crowds, fans are among the rowdiest in Japan, employing a soccer fan-type approach to cheering on their team. The sounds of the constant chanting and visions of fans jumping up and down will stay in your head long after you leave the park.


Access: Take the Keiyo or Musashino lines to JR Kaihim Makuhari station. Upon arrival, walk one kilometer, take a short taxi ride, or the Marines fan bus to the ballpark (tip: show someone your ticket and they will certainly point you in the right direction).

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Team and Stadium Address:
Chiba Lotte Marines
1 Mihama, Mihama-ku
Chiba, Chiba-ken 261-8587
Phone: 03-5682-6341