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by Brandon Yano

You’ll recognize the playing field, but that’s about it!

Commentators cite the blood type of a player (with the belief that it impacts performance); the players’ windups and batting stances are feats of balance and coordination; the crowd is LOUD and feverish, but disciplined and in-sync; umpires practice calls during pre-game warm-ups; delicious food is meticulously prepared and eaten with chopsticks; the beer is served at your seat, on draft, at a fair price, and with a smile from one of Japan’s famous beer girls.

Join us to experience Japanese culture through baseball. Whether you prefer to keep a base in Tokyo, traverse Japan to see all 12 NPB ballparks, or anything in between, we’ve got the tour for you!

2023 Japan Tours

NPB Tokyo Pre Tour: September 11-16, 2023

Keep a base in Tokyo while commuting to four games in the greater Tokyo area, including Yokohama (Japan’s second-biggest city), Chiba (on the Tokyo Bay waterfront), and historic Jingu Stadium in the heart of the city.

Prices start at $1,959; can be combined with the Main Tour or South Korea Tour.

NPB Main Tour:  September 16-24, 2023

The tour that started it all – going strong for 20+ years. Six NPB home games at NPB’s five southernmost stadiums and the world-famous Tokyo Dome. Highlights include  Hiroshima, historic Koshien Stadium, and a day trip to Kyoto, Japan’s cultural center.

Prices start at $3,603; can be combined with the Tokyo Pre-Tour, Northern Add-On, and the South Korea Tour.

NPB Tour Northern Add On: September  24-27, 2023

Head north on the bullet train to catch a game in Sendai, and then fly farther north to see NPB’s newest park, the brand-new ES CON Field Hokkaido.

Prices start at $1,345; can be combined with the Main Tour.

See-It-All Tour:  September 11-27, 2023

The “See It All” Tour combines the three NPB Tour segments into one grand Japan baseball travel package. See all 12 NPB home ballparks in one trip and, in doing so, earn induction into the JapanBall Hall of Fame!

Prices start at $6,622; includes a 5% discount from the combined price of the three NPB tour segments. Can be combined with the South Korea Tour.

Tokyo Main Tour: September 11-18, 2023

Less travel and more time to explore the world’s greatest city! See all five stadiums in the Tokyo area, including a game in Yokohama, Japan’s second-biggest city. This tour is ideal for travelers who would prefer to maintain one home base and/or would have difficulties repeatedly changing locations with luggage. 

Prices start at $2,942; can be combined with the South Korea Tour.

2024 Japan Tours

Okinawa Spring Training: February 21 – 28, 2024

Baseball in February is great. Baseball in February on a tropical and historic Japanese island is the best. Escape the winter with our 2024 Okinawa Spring Training Tour! Eight NPB teams train in Okinawa, and we’ll see as much baseball as we can while also enjoying the rich and unique culture of the island. 

Price TBA Fall 2023.

JapanBall’s Carbon Offset Program

JapanBall believes in the unifying and enlightening powers of tourism, but also acknowledges that travel has a large carbon footprint. In order to mitigate the tour’s environmental impact, we will use our profits to purchase a carbon offset from Sustainable Travel International on behalf of each guest.

Interested, but not ready to commit? Join our “no-obligation” tour list.