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JapanBall Logo Baseball Bat Made by Yanase


Yanase Bat Company is one of the largest and most respected bat suppliers in Japan. There is no other bat company in the world with the customization, expertise, and quality of Yanase baseball bats.  And for that, we are honored to partner with them on this exclusive bat, created especially for JapanBall.

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33 in./31 oz. Japanese Pro Maple bat

About Yanase: Takaomi Yanase is a legendary Japanese baseball bat maker. Yanase started his career with Nankai Company in Japan and was in charge of their trading company operations in the USA.   In 1977 they opened a bat manufacturing factory in Greenville, South Carolina.   This factory was sold to Louisville Slugger in 1999 and Mr. Yanase was kept on to run the factory for four additional years.   In 2003 he retired from his position with Louisville Slugger and started Yanase Bat Company in Tokyo, Japan.  Now, if you look closely, you can see the distinct “Y” of Yanase’s bats in the hand of professional players throughout Japan and the United States.