A Baseball Love Letter

In May 2020, Alex Weaver founded a website and Instagram account (@baseballletters) called “Baseball Letters.” Alex’s intention was to show how “Baseball is personal, it’s poetry, it’s art, and it’s thinking.” He encouraged his audience to share their favorite baseball … Continued

Thank You, Baseball

@thankyoubaseball is one of my favorite accounts in all of social media. Zan Rathore, the account’s Toronto-based creator, has the goal of uniting the baseball community by sharing all that makes him thankful for the game of baseball. The account … Continued

Beyond Baseball: Bullet Trains

Japan’s high speed Shinkansen trains, popularly known as “bullet trains” ever since their initial design stages, can reach speeds of 200 MPH! But it is not just their speed that impresses. Despite traveling routes that cover vast swaths of the … Continued

Beyond Baseball: Sumo Wrestling 101

Overview and History Despite the ever-visible popularity of baseball, sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan.  Baseball may have made its way to Japan shortly after the sport came into existence, in the second half of the 19th century, … Continued